All About Tattoos at Annual Convention

Kapala Tattoo Shop, located at 71 St. Anne’s Road in St. Vital brought more than 275 tattoo artists to Winnipeg for the 3rd annual Winnipeg Tattoo Convention, which took place from August 16th to 18th at the Red River Ex.

The Winnipeg Tattoo Convention hosts renowned tattoo artists from across Canada and the US and around the world, as well as performers, food trucks, and other vendors. This year’s convention featured live tattooing, a market, beer gardens, classic car displays, and even live music.

Rich Handford, tattoo artist and owner of Kapala, is the convention founder and organizer and an integral part of the event, which showcases premier artists and their portfolios, giving an opportunity for tattoo enthusiasts and newcomers alike to find a truly unique tattoo and style, created by world class artists that would not normally be available in Winnipeg.

Tattoos are growing in popularity more than ever, but are also being recognized as an art form in itself, especially with artists showing their talents and designs off on Instagram. Events like the convention are a way to showcase the diverse artistry and talent, in Winnipeg, but also across the US and Canada, and for locals to get a tattoo from a renowned artist, or even just to meet him or her in person.

Artists were tattooing on site, both for appointments made by email or for walk ups, as well. And some artists even pre-drew designs for the Marked for Life campaign, with proceeds from the designs sold to the public going to Mood Disorders of Manitoba, raising over $30,000 for local mental health programs in the past two years.

wtc2creditDwayneLarson - Lance tattoo1
Winnipeg Tattoo Convention. Photo by Dwayne Larson, used with permission.

The convention makes it easy to for anyone interested in getting a tattoo or just to check out the artists, as you can explore designs and ask questions in a safe and unintimidating space, without even visiting a tattoo shop or making an appointment.

If you missed it this year, the Winnipeg Tattoo Convention will be back next summer. For more information, visit or stop by Kapala Tattoo Shop to find out the latest.

This article was originally published on July 29 , 2019 by Winnipeg Free Press.

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