5th Annual PWRC Walk for Wildlife

On September 23rd, the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre held its 5th annual Walk for Wildlife. Thanks again to all of the volunteers for helping with this fundraising event. In addition, a special thanks for the support from the following sponsors: MacDonald’s, Virgin 103.1 Radio, Running Room, Wild Birds Unlimited, Dr. Manuel Resendes, Pancake House, Sobeys, Andrea Robin, Manitoba Foto group, Starbucks, and Dynamic Expressions.

As always, there were releases of two rehabilitated animals to start this year’s walk, which is a highlight for both participants and also volunteers. The first release was of a juvenile, male Cooper’s Hawk, who was found in Winnipeg and who was originally brought in disoriented. He needed weeks of care to ensure a full rehabilitation, so that he would be able to catch live prey when he was released. The second release was of a Merlin, which is a small falcon, who was also a juvenile male found in Winnipeg, although a bit older. The Merlin had a strange injury to his tongue, which was twisted, and it impacted his ability to catch and feed. It took many months and different medications, including antibiotics, to treat the infection, so that he was well enough to release.

As always, watching these birds take flight was a wonderful start to the walk. At this year’s event, there were 69 participants this year and a total of $7500 was raised. The money raised this year will go directly to cover the cost of rehabilitation for the wildlife patients that PWRC cares for each year. All the participants and volunteers enjoyed coffee and pancakes and a chance to meet some of the wildlife ambassadors.

The 10 Km Fun Run winner was Kevin Todd, and the 5 Km Fun Run winner was Jim Campbell. Both winners will be contacted for a release of a rehabilitated animal next year as part of their prize. Although every event is a success when funds are raised to continue operating PWRC and to support new projects and initiatives, hopefully next year will be even more successful, so be sure to stay engaged and spread the word next summer at work and in your communities.

*Article originally printed in Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre newsletter. For more information or to become a member and subscribe to the newsletter, please visit the PWRC website: http://pwildlife.ca/.

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