PWRC Rescue Update

The past winter brought a couple of notable rescues to PWRC that we wanted to share with you:

Last November, an immature bald eagle was sent to the PWRC from Rosser Manitoba. She had a small fracture in her wing and also a fractured pelvis. Although we do not know for sure, it is likely that she was hit by a car. It is possible that she landed on the road searching for open water or that she was near the road feeding.  She was initially moved to a bigger, outdoor enclosure to allow her to use her wings and move around more freely.  At the beginning of February, she was released when she began to try to escape the enclosure – clearly ready to return to the wild!

Another recent rescue is a northern hawk owl that was brought in on January 14. It was found on the side of the road, Hwy 8 near Willow Creek (10 km south of Gimli), so it may also have been hit by a car, perhaps while hunting for mice or other small pretty near the road.  It suffered internal injuries, including fluid in its lungs and it was treated with antibiotics for two weeks to prevent any infections from developing while the internal injuries heal. It is still early days, so hopefully the recovery will continue.


*Article originally printed in Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre newsletter.

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